About Buster

So who is this Buster I keep hearing about?

Hi I’m Buster, the face, (well one of the faces) of PresentablePooches and the main blogger!!

I am the cream Standard Poodle, nearly 3 years old and loving life!! Mum calls me blustery Buster! I wonder why?  Christmas 2010, I wanted something to wear especially, as it was my first chrismas!! Mum (Linda) made me and my housemate Rocky (you will meet him later, though I think he has sneakily modelled some coats and Bandanas too!) a Bandana each and as we are such fab models it wasn’t long before pooches were asking where we got them from. Presentable Pooches was ‘born’.

But as our slogan goes; these are styles for the cool hound dog to the classic pedigree, so I put mum to work, between walkies, picking out really trendy and unusual fabrics that any dog would be proud to wear!  A bespoke service became a must and you will see me in some gorgeous hand knitted wool coats made just for me, come the winter!! Your pooch can have their own original too, just email or phone my mum Linda and her crafters will be straight onto it!

I hope you like our site and all the other cool products too, I am a personal fan of the developing Eco Pooch site, watch that space!
Also we will be attending shows,  so check the Blog and see our facebook page!